Friday Night At The Keyboard

By Holly Lisle

If you’re writing Friday night or Saturday morning, this is your Write-a-book-with-me post.

How are the words coming?

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DTD — 498 words, and the walls come a-tumbling down

By Holly Lisle

The story is shifting under my feet, but what I got tonight was solid. I have to remember to make sure my main characters are concerned about their man down…but for right now, Ki has finally decided to come clean about who he is.

And even in coming clean, he isn’t going to give Aleksa the whole truth, and he’s going to let her jump to some false conclusions if he can tip her in that direction.

But that’s what I’ll face on Sunday night. For me, this is the end of the fiction week. I’ll be back on Sunday. (And maybe tomorrow with nonfictionish stuff.)

But both Friday and Saturday posts will go up so that if you’re writing on the weekend, you’ll have a place to record your progress.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Do-It-Yourself Motivation

By Holly Lisle

If any corporate clown or useless idiot has ever dragged you into a meeting where everyone was encouraged to stand up together, sit down together, and shout in unison as a method of “building your team”, you’ve met Motivation by Morons.

I was forced into a couple of those meetings while I was in nursing, and I could only look at the fool on the podium and think, “We are up to our elbows in other people’s blood, risking our lives to save strangers because this matters to us, and you think standing and sitting in unison is going to turn us into a team? We KNOW why we’re here. Do you?”

This is the motivation model I’m STILL fighting as I work my way through developing the Motivation module for The Writing Craft.

Odds are pretty good that you already know the Motivation-by-Morons drill. “There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’” … “all for one and one for all” … Rah! Rah! Frickin’ Rah!

That rah-rah crap can bite me.

Motivation comes from inside of you. And I’m still trying to get everything I know about the subject down to a manageable length—but I guess I’d better say right now that Motivation is not going to be a perky, useless pep talk where I blow smoke up your shorts and tell you that all you have to do to get motivated is to pin a Photoshopped picture of yourself holding a bound copy of your NYT bestseller in front of your computer.

This in a complete course. And like the rest of my courses, it will demand that you learn things about yourself you didn’t know, that you expend real effort into uncovering your motivators, and that you actually use the techniques I include.

I paid a helluva price for my motivation. (The story behind that price is part of the graduate bonus for Think Sideways.) My hope is that the course will show you how to get the same fire in your belly for far less cost.

At this point, it looks like it’ll be another week before first draft hits Think Sideways, and about a month before the finished version is available in the shop. I’ve been working hard, and working steadily. There’s just an awful lot to cover.

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New Editor for the 33 Mistakes Books

By Holly Lisle

No secret that I’ve been swamped, or that I’ve fallen behind on a lot of projects that I have going.

So I’m delighted to announce that Lazette Gifford is going to be the production editor for the 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make series. We have a couple of details to work out still, but some of the manuscripts I have on hand are going to her tonight, along with contact details for the authors.

I’ll still be doing acquisitions, but I’m not taking any more queries until we get the current books caught up.

If you have a book or several that have been caught in my bit of limbo here, e-mail me and I’ll get you caught up on the details.

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DTD — 500 even, and something that floored me

By Holly Lisle

My male lead just destroyed something amazing in order to keep the Balegarn from using it against him. I didn’t expect this to happen at all, and the fact that something so immense happened this early in the story shocked me.

And my female lead is unnerved by assumptions the hero is making about their future—at this point nothing romantic is involved or even hinted at on either end, so she’s pretty justified in her reaction.

Good writing night. The words flowed, and the arrival of an echo from the Spanish Inquisition into modern-day Manhattan certainly spiced things up.

So that’s me. How about you?

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DTD — 469 words, and the not-quite-dead-yet hired gun

By Holly Lisle

Oh, man. Threw all sorts of mad twists into the story tonight—hadn’t planned for any of them (just planned for the concept of twists here) and they showed up in lines like chorus girls, kicking their feet in synch and grinning like loons.

The story edges into the evil of the Balegarn, hinted at and now shown used against someone we’ve had reason to like.

It was a good run. It took a long time, but it was a good run.

How about you?

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DTD — 298 words, and continuing Blood On The Wall

By Holly Lisle

Took a long time to find my angle tonight—and the guy I was going to kill off didn’t die after all. What happened to him is a lot worse, though no one knows it just yet.

And I’ve given myself an excellent jumping-off point for tomorrow’s work.

I quit before I hit 300 tonight—first, I don’t want to move into my next direction, and second, I’m fried.

How are your words coming?

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DTD—287 Words, and blood on the wall

By Holly Lisle

I made it to the explosion. I didn’t get as far as the death. But my characters are coming together, and the scene is developing a nice shape. So I’ll probably end up killing off my unfortunate guy tomorrow…or maybe the next day, because I don’t see him being someone who’s going to go down without a fight.

Between having the weekend off and the B-12 and other goodies, I have a bit more energy than I did last week. Still going to call it a night, though.

I’m very pleased with what I got.

How is your story coming?

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Writing Your Book — Saturday Thread

By Holly Lisle

Remember that you’re not trying for perfection. You’re shooting for a comfortable number of words that move your story forward—a little conflict, a little characterization, a little fun.

No stress. This is not brain surgery—if you screw up the night’s work, nobody dies.


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Friday “Write A Book”

By Holly Lisle

If you’re playing Write A Book With Me, check in here with your wordcount and update.

And your degree of having fun. 😀

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