Month: January 2009

  • Back with a whisper, not a bang

    I’ve been doodling on the “dreaming the dead” novel, and pulling together themes and concepts and characters. Nothing much on paper, yet—some clusters, some questions.

  • Briefly…Wrapping up Think Sideways, and the new novel

    I’m okay. I’m STILL working my ass off. But I hired someone yesterday to copyedit the Think Sideways course, and in doing so, bought myself the time I need to get the Think Sideways Grad stuff done before I start the “Dreaming the Dead” novel. That’s my next project, and I hope to start getting…

  • Think Sideways is Finished

    I just finished posting the final lesson and technique for the Think Sideways course. I’ll be adding bonuses, and going back through and revising the existing lessons based on the errata pages my students have been doing for me, but in spite of the holidays, I hit that final deadline. Haven’t been around here, but…