Month: December 2008

  • A thoughtful post on Christian/Muslim reconciliation

    The writer of this is Quaker (I used to be) and a visiting scholar at Yale Divinity School. My personal take on any religion is “no, thanks,” but I am a firm supporter of freedom of religion. And of tolerance, defined as follows: I will tolerate you, your quirks, and your beliefs, if you will…

  • More on the contest

    I’ve put up a notification page here: I’m not sure what form the contest will take, but my editor says my publisher wants to work with me on it, so I’m thinking we’ll do something. I hope it’ll be something even better than what I had in mind. If you want to be notified…

  • Question Answered

    Whatever sort of contest I can have to promote my books, it can’t be that sort. {sigh} My publisher put the kibosh on the video contest. So. I’ll come up with something else. But not today. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Wow. The Ancestor of the Mortgage Loan Bailout!

    Who’d have thought we could have skipped the whole mortgage-loan, credit-crunch fiasco if people still studied history? Tacitus is on my nightstand in my to-be-read pile. He just got moved way up the priority list. Thanks to Jim Woosley for the link, and for my introduction to a weblog that is now added to my…

  • HollyLisle.NET and My Video Contest

    Do a fantasy movie trailer about my Current Contest novel. Enter. You could win up to $500.