A thoughtful post on Christian/Muslim reconciliation

The writer of this is Quaker (I used to be) and a visiting scholar at Yale Divinity School. My personal take on any religion is “no, thanks,” but I am a firm supporter of freedom of religion. And of tolerance, defined as follows: I will tolerate you, your quirks, and your beliefs, if you will tolerate me, my quirks, and … Continue reading →

More on the contest

I’ve put up a notification page here: http://hollylisle.net I’m not sure what form the contest will take, but my editor says my publisher wants to work with me on it, so I’m thinking we’ll do something. I hope it’ll be something even better than what I had in mind. If you want to be notified when I get things going, … Continue reading →

Question Answered

Whatever sort of contest I can have to promote my books, it can’t be that sort. {sigh} My publisher put the kibosh on the video contest. So. I’ll come up with something else. But not today.

Wow. The Ancestor of the Mortgage Loan Bailout!

Who’d have thought we could have skipped the whole mortgage-loan, credit-crunch fiasco if people still studied history? Tacitus is on my nightstand in my to-be-read pile. He just got moved way up the priority list. Thanks to Jim Woosley for the link, and for my introduction to a weblog that is now added to my Recommended Reads: Fourmilog: None Dare … Continue reading →