Month: October 2008

  • Dreaming the Dead

    It was 1:37 AM when I woke up. It’s 1:48 AM right now, and I’m still shaky. I dreamed I was visited by Jim Baen, and by someone speaking for him. I didn’t know his intermediary, but Jim Baen was my first publisher, and he taught me a huge amount about the business, and, frankly,…

  • Pssst! Help Zette. Pass it on.

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  • Time Wounds All

    So now I’m forty-eight. The frenetic activity of the past two weeks has settled down. I’ve had some spare moments to think. I’m trying to wrap my head around being forty-eight, but it’s too new. I have a pretty good grip on what forty-seven was, though, and it was huge. Difficult. Life-changing. I’m getting a…

  • Twitter Updates for 2008-10-20

    Started in on my first weblog post in a month, and after working on it for a couple of hours, realized I didn’t have time to finish it today # So now I’m starting on Lesson 16. And thinking someday I’ll be able to keep up with my writing diary again. # Migraine. Have to…

  • Twitter Updates for 2008-10-17

    Answering backlogged e-mails. I get the best e-mail… and almost never get to answer it. # @Chrysanthemums I’m trying to get in touch with you about your prize, but hotmail is blocking your mail. Gmail gets through. # @happytwitday Thank you. It was great. # Just finished Lesson 15: How to Hire Spies, and WHy…

  • Twitter Updates for 2008-10-16

    Getting an early start this morning, going to see if I can finish lesson 15 and the technique. Had a LOT of fun working on it yesterday. # Up to 5700+ words on Spies, and getting close to the end. # Powered by Twitter Tools. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Twitter Updates for 2008-10-15

    Working on getting Zette Gifford’s Silky II ready for the shop. # Up way late tonight—for me, anyway. I’m generally up at six and asleep by ten. Not tonight, though. # Today, I’m writing the lesson on Hiring Spies for Your Writing. 😀 I’ve been waiting for this one—it’s one of my favorite things. #…

  • Vote for the Twitter “Everyone Following Me” Gift

    Choice Number of votes Percentage Character Clinic 157 17.84% Plot Clinic 280 31.82% Culture Clinic 82 9.32% Language Clinic 45 5.11% Scenes Clinic 316 35.91% Total 880 100% So the winner, and the gift folks following me on Twitter will get, is How to Write Page-Turning Scenes. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Twitter Updates for 2008-10-13

    Getting ready to close down Think Sideways for new students until next year. # @chrismoody I give them names. I just know the names are temporary. I sometimes change names to fit characters right up to the copyedit. # Powered by Twitter Tools. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Twitter Updates for 2008-10-11

    Day Ten Birthday Bash Winner @asecondspring # @asecondspring wins EVERYTHING — Full scholarship to and all of my courses in # @asecondspring Contact me here with First and Last name, username, & e-mail & I’ll set you up in class Monday # Powered by Twitter Tools. Download as PDFPrint Page