What Do You Want In the Newsletter?

I’m just about to a sanity point. Just about finished with a whole bunch of work, just about to have a breather before the next work starts. That’s a good time to ask questions and think about the answers. So. You probably know I do a writing newsletter. (Holly Lisle’s Writing Updates) Odds are fairly high that if you’re reading … Continue reading →

Two Little Miracles

The kid checked out the disastrous Painted Lady experiment just a few minutes ago, and discovered that, in spite of everything, (including fire ants, handling, bumping, dropping, and his dad and me looking at those pathetic little chrysalids every night once the kid was asleep and being sure they were dead), he had two very alive butterflies. One chrysalid is … Continue reading →

Page-Turning Scenes Leaps Forward

I’ve hit an important milestone with Page-Turning Scenes–my planned “finished” wordcount. Rolled over 15,000 words today. I’m not finished. There’s so much that’s important in writing a good scene, and while it always looks simple on the surface, it’s when you dig deeper that you discover termites in the foundation and bugs under the rocks. I’ve found bugs the size … Continue reading →

How Thinking Sideways is Different Than A Whack On The Side of The Head

I’m doing this as a separate post because I figured it was going to be invisible in comments. (Where I originally answered the question.) Here’s the question I got: KalevTait Says: April 13th, 2008 at 12:09 pm I don’t know how related it is, but you might want to look at ‘A whack on the side of the head’ for … Continue reading →

The Writer’s Heart

I’m going to point you at a relatively new weblog I discovered called THE WRITER’S HEART, written by Charles Towne. Towne has a way with wildlife and photography, and has had adventures of astonishing and frightening sorts…and his weblog is a lot of fun to read. Better yet, he’s an opinionated cuss, which I find both delightful and charming, (and … Continue reading →