Month: January 2008

  • Four Days of Headaches

    We’ve changed the way we eat, and for the past four days, I’ve had an intractable, inescapable headache from the time I wake up until the time I finally fall asleep. It’s a good thing. Really it is. My blood sugar is way lower, my weight is dropping. But I feel like absolute hell, and…

  • 55,555 Words

    One of those stupid, weirdly thrilling little writing moments. I just hit word 55,555 in the manuscript, and happened to see it as I was typing. So I stopped and took a picture. What was word number 55,555? “Like.” {Sigh} It figures. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Oh, Yeah

    Got my 3000+ words on The Silver Door, and estimate that at this point I’m about five working days out from finishing the first draft. Which is right on schedule. Writing flew today, the ship is cool, the Spire is getting scarier the more I learn about it, and I’m being deluged with ideas for…

  • Sailing

    The kids have taken matters into their own hands. And now they’re sailing into big trouble. Got the words. It was great. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • 3420 Words

    3420 words between 7:30 AM and 9 AM. Got going and couldn’t stop. Oh, man. I cannot believe what happened. I finally got to witness the betrayal of humankind first hand. I sort of knew what had happened. Sort of. I hadn’t even begun to imagine the details. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • The Trees! The Trees!

    I’m in the midst of the vast battle being fought in a forest—doing a scene that is pouring out of my fingertips in what I can only describe as a waking nightmare. I’ve written more than 2000 words in the last hour, and am tearing through this thing barely able to slow down to reset…

  • Oh, Today!

    Okay. Official title of Moon & Sun II is going to be THE SILVER DOOR. And oh, wow, oh wow! Today’s story just ripped me out of my seat. I found out three separate things I had not expected, one about my favorite monster, one about the Spire, and one about the ships of the…

  • Took A Wrong Turn Yesterday

    I discovered that I’d headed in the wrong direction yesterday, to the tune of about 1000 words. Didn’t cut the words. Just looked at the situation, decided that I could save the dialogue and simply relocate the scene to a different location. Wrote a note to myself to do that [in brackets, like this], put…

  • Have Lost A Little Ground

    Last week I was ahead of deadline. Today I’m just AT deadline. So I need to keep pace from here on out. (Lost two writing days last week to unavoidable issues). But it went well today. And I know what I’ll be getting into tomorrow. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • BAD News…Newsletter, Plotting Course, & Upgrades

    POSTING THIS TO THE WRITING DIARY BECAUSE… the people who need to see the message the MOST are the ones who have stopped receiving their emails. Aaaargh! ========================== I’ve discovered that over the past few weeks, fewer and fewer of the e-mails you’ve requested haven’t been delivered. I started getting e-mails from people who were…