HollyShop Affiliate Manager Position Open

By Holly Lisle

We’ve been in chaos since Thanksgiving, when my daughter ended up having emergency surgery in the wee hours of the morning. She’s better and home as of today, but I couldn’t focus on anything while I was worried about her. What kind of mom would I have been if I could have?

But I am, as a result, behind on everything. And this has just pointed out to me something I’ve been suspecting for a while now. I’m way overextended, and I need to fire me from a couple of positions and hire someone who can do these jobs the way they need to be done.

Today, specifically, I’m opening up a position for an affiliate manager for the HollyShop Affiliate program.

More specifically, I need a partner who has:

1) STRONG organizational skills, project management, and time-management skills;

2) A comfortable working knowledge of HTML; experience with Dreamweaver a plus;

3) Graphics skills; experience with Fireworks a plus;

4) Copywriting skills a definite plus if already present, clear writing skills an absolute necessity;

5) An ability to communicate well with and get along well with others;

6) Direct experience as a successful Affiliate Marketer an ENORMOUS plus;

7) Enthusiasm and excitement.

AND who has a strong commitment to:

* learn the ropes of becoming a super-affiliate, creating independent campaigns to sell the shop products, and who can then transfer this knowledge to the affiliates in the program (because the best leaders have been where the troops are now, and can SHOW the troops how to do what they did to get where they are) (I’ll provide you with top-quality training materials);

* learn affiliate management and apply the things you learn to make the program fantastic (I’ll pay for your training);

* who will recruit new affiliates, train existing affiliates, make sure affiliates stay within compliance; and get the affiliate center into shape (it’s an incredible mess right now, but I can provide templates and very clear direction on what it needs to become excellent);

* who will answer affiliate e-mails promptly and get affiliates help same-day (or at most within 24 hrs)

* who will come up with promotion ideas, contests, and deals for affiliates to offer;

* who will work enthusiastically with beginners to help them showcase their special strengths and create marketing plans that succeed for them, and who will work with equal enthusiasm with seasoned pros to get them the help they need;

* who will submit the program to appropriate directories and find other venues to increase its profile;

* who will distribute articles and other content, and create some advertising content;

* who will create training tutorials;

* and other things we’ll agree on jointly.

To get you started, we’ll work out a checklist of critical tasks and secondary tasks, and another checklist of daily, weekly, and monthly to-dos.

For this, I’m offering a straight commission of 25-30% of total program commissions for the first six months (depending on your current skills and experience), with an increase after six months to 40% of program commissions, following a review of the program’s progress and your own satisfaction with the work. (If you’re already a successful affiliate manager with a non-competing program and I don’t have to train you, I’ll start you at 40%.)

Understand that you’re starting with what is, essentially, a new program. For November, the affiliate program generated $410.53 in commissions. I was grateful for every single commission, but for an affiliate program, that’s really tiny. I haven’t promoted the program, I haven’t worked one-on-one with affiliates, I haven’t done a lot of things that NEED to be done. Still, on last month’s commissions, the beginner affiliate manager would have made whatever commissions he already made for his own affiliate sales, plus $102.63-$123.15 in Affiliate Manager compensation. I know that’s small to start with. However, there’s no cap. If in six months (when I raise you to 40%) you’ve grown the program to $5000/month in generated commissions, you’ll receive an extra $2000 on top of your own commissions.

If you can turn HollyShop Affiliates into a big, juicy affiliate program that generates $25,000 a month in commissions, then you’ll get $10,000.00 per month on top of your affiliate commissions. Whatever you ethically can get the program to produce, you’ll get 40% of as affiliate manager on top of what you earn as an affiliate.

I’ll pay 100% of your super-affiliate training and your Affiliate Manager Course, I’ll work with you daily until you’re comfortable doing most things alone, and I’ll make sure you can reach me if you have questions after that.

I’m looking for someone ethical and determined who loves the site, loves the books and courses, wants to help writers find information they can use, wants to help affiliates (most of whom are writers) succeed and make good secondary incomes so they can have more money and more time to write, and who sees this as an opportunity to do something both profitable and exciting, and perhaps as a way to pay forward.

I’m offering this in-house—to the folks who are my affiliates, who are members of my mailing list, who are regulars at my writing diary, and who are FMers, because I want to work with MY folks. That’s why I’m willing to train rather than look at outside sites.

If this is you, and if you want to work with me, please contact me at affiliates AT hollylisle.com with your qualifications and what you can bring to the job beyond basic skill sets.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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My daughter is in the ER right now

By Holly Lisle

8:29 PM: She sounds like she’s going into shock, and it’s crowded so no one is seeing her. If you have prayers, any religion, please pray them now.


7:22 AM, NOV. 27: Here’s where we are this morning. It took until 11 PM for the hospital to see her. Something is wrong–some sort of post-surgical complication–but they don’t know what. At 4 AM they gave her morphine and sent her home for a few hours of sleep, but she’s to be back in there this morning. The good news I’ve had is that her temperature, which had dropped from normal to 96.5 over the course of about an hour right before she called me at 8:10 PM, stabilized, and her blood pressure is within normal limits (info that I didn’t have until 11 PM).

The one possibility that my daughter could tell me they’d mentioned was an abcess–she’s not medical-tech oriented, and she was in bad pain, and her stress level was high. People in those situations don’t catch medical terminology and jargon thrown at them at high speed, so there are other possibilities, but she doesn’t know what they are.

At this point, I’m waiting for a call from her to let me know what’s going on.

Thank you for prayers, good thoughts, candles, anything you’ve got. I’m deeply grateful.


1:00 PM, NOV. 27: Not answering her cell phone, not answering her messages. Still waiting to hear something.


1:58 PM, NOV, 27: Finally heard from her. She’s been readmitted. Abdominal pain, vomiting, chills. They don’t know what’s wrong. They’re going to run tests.

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. I don’t do religion, but I know prayer and focused thought work, and I’m grateful for every one of you holding her in your thoughts.


5:55 PM, NOV 27: She’s having “something radioactive with injected dye” done in radiology. Tony–her guy–didn’t get the specific name of the procedure, and I’m not up to guessing. This hospital she’s in seems so far to be pretty short on patient teaching and pretty long on nurses eating hamburgers at the nurses’ station. No idea when she’ll be out (but this, sadly, is Standard Operating Procedure—tests take forever). Still no clue what’s wrong, but maybe after they have have her back from this.

I’m trying not to remember all the things I’ve seen go wrong with radioactive dye and patients.


9:05 PM, NOV 27:Still waiting to hear anything.


8:00 PM, NOV 28:Things are kind of up in the air. They’ve found the problem, after a bunch of really nasty tests; the surgeon didn’t get everything closed off the first time in, and her liver is leaking bile into her abdominal cavity. She’s going to wait a couple of days in the hospital to see if the leak closes off on its own. If it doesn’t, there’s an esophageal treatment that might fix it, and if that doesn’t work, more surgery. She’s had nothing but ice chips since she entered the ER, and will probably have nothing but ice chips until Friday.

But she hurts less, and there are a whole lot of worse things this could have been. Her very best outcome is that this problem will resolve itself between now and Friday, without any further need for anesthesia or invasive procedures or surgery.

I told her you folks were keeping her in your thoughts and praying for her, and she told me to thank you. Huge thanks from me, too, that you have made time in your lives for my kid. We’re both so grateful.

Another update when I know more.


11:44 AM, NOV 29: Just talked to her. She’s feeling much better, though very weak. She’s having much less pain, and she managed to sleep pretty well through the night. There’s a chance she’ll be able to have something besides ice chips today, and if she does all right with it, she could go home tomorrow.

Thank you so much for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers.


12:32 PM, NOV 29: Her doctor was just in, and she gets to go ahead with the food trial, to see how she does. If she doesn’t start leaking bile again, she’ll be out of there soon.


9:58 AM, NOV 30 She did well all through the night, kept the food down, didn’t go back to the horrible pain, and she gets to go home today.

Thank you so much for hanging with me through this, and for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. This is the absolute best outcome we could have wanted, and it happened. It was wonderful to know that she was never alone, that there were, throughout the day, other people who cared about her and what happened to her. Thank you so much, from both of us.

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Giving Thanks, A Day Late

By Holly Lisle

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. For me, I’m thankful this year that:

My 24-year-old daughter, who was rushed into emergency gall bladder surgery at O-dark-hundred on Thanksgiving morning, came through it okay, and that she had someone who cared about her who could be with her in the critical first hours after surgery, when I could not be there (one car, 1200-mile round trip, husband who had to be at work at 5 AM today because he’s the boss and this is Black Friday);

That my 22-year-old son has a buddy whose cellphone works all the way from the Middle East, and that he let my son borrow it to make a call home… and that my son didn’t call before I knew his sister was all right;

I am thankful for:

Cell phones, which have made it possible to reach people in places that would, just a few years ago, have been impossible;

For my big guy and my little guy, who reassured me that everything would be okay, and who turned out to be right;

And for six or seven pounds of potatoes, which took a real beating from scrubbing and chopping while I was waiting to hear how she was doing. Cooking is sometimes not at all about preparing food.

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Ruby Key Cover Art

By Holly Lisle

Meant to post this Wednesday–my to-do list overran me, and I forgot. I’m sorry.

I’ve had a copy of my cover art for THE RUBY KEY for nearly two
months now. It is, in fact, my desktop wallpaper, and it is gorgeous
beyond words. I’ve been dying to show it to people, but I couldn’t,
because the artist owns rights to the image without cover copy, and
respecting those rights is important.

But I got an e-mail from Valerie C. yesterday that he’d put the cover
art up. Here’s the link.


Go take a look. I am in awe of this guy.

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And All the Pieces Are Back Together

By Holly Lisle

So. Heard from Air Force Kid, and he’s okay. That’s my huge news.

Big news is, the store is back up and running, and has two new goodies.

21 ExplodeThe small one is 21 Ways to Get Yourself Writing When Your Life Has Just Exploded, which I wrote in response to a friend who was beta testing the writer’s block course, but was trying to write after just coming off a couple years of major life upheavals. This is an area where I have lots of practice. I realized that a series of instantly usable solutions to specific writing questions would probably be useful, so this is the first in the CRITICAL SKILLS SERIES.

The next one will probably be 7 Steps to Getting the Book Written When You Have A Job, A Life, Kids, Three Pets, and You Want to Sleep AND Eat, Too.

BWBAnd the final version of How To Beat Writer’s Block (And Have FUN Writing From Now On) is available now, too. It includes 21 Ways, and has gotten some terrific feedback from the beta testers (some of which I’ve included on the page.)

And now, because I’ve been working 14-hour day for the past two weeks, and more than that the past two days, I’m going to go sack out on the couch and take a nap.

Off tomorrow, back to writing Moon & Sun II on Wednesday.

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Shop Closed for Two Days

By Holly Lisle

Just a quick note to let you know that the shop will be closing tonight at midnight EST, and will not reopen until Monday, as close to 9AM as I can make it. During that time, behind the scenes, Margaret will be transferring our fantastic new store software, and I’ll be, for the first time, creating some special course bundles, as well as uploading and testing the final version of Holly Lisle’s How To Beat Writer’s Block.

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By Holly Lisle

Finally finished doing the recording on the revised versions of the Beat Writer’s Block course. I still have to finish writing 21 Ways to Get Yourself Writing When Your Life Has Just Exploded, which will be a freebie I include with the course.

Guess tomorrow will be busy, too.

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By Holly Lisle

I’m doing final wrapping up on How to Beat Writer’s Block (And Have FUN Writing From Now On). It’s primarily an audio course, but I’m adding some additional written material to it. Reports from beta users are coming back pretty excited, but I did have some problems with accidental overdubbing on one track, and a few funky mislabeling problems, so I’m having to do some re-recording.

The course will debut on Nov. 19th along with the upgraded store software that will let me deliver it. Margaret and the store beta testers are hard at work on THAT end of this whole thing.

Everything is coming together. I think.

I’m just hoping it isn’t doing it in the Bermuda Triangle.

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By Holly Lisle

My youngest had his 10th birthday this week, and I’ve been putting together a course on beating writer’s block, and worrying about the AFK. Sorry to be so scarce.

Realizing that my youngest child was a newborn about fifteen minutes ago, and is now almost as tall as I am with a wickedly sharp sense of humor and an engineering mind has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I turned 47 last month, and that was no big deal, but he turned ten, and my world got a little wobbly at the base.

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Heard from the AFK

By Holly Lisle

The Air Force Kid left for the Middle East yesterday. Got a call from him—he’s arrived safely, and is inprocessing.

My nine-month-countdown until he’s due back in the states starts now. I know it will probably be longer. I’m just hoping it won’t be much longer.

In the meantime, he’s with good people.

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