Month: July 2006

  • Podcast Episode 5: Originality vs. Uniqueness

    And other stuff. SHow notes pending. And a new place to check out the podcast: PodcastPen Download as PDFPrint Page

  • 5000 Words A Day

    Current pace. All on Night Echoes. It’s going—pretty well, even. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Thank You

    I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to listen to the podcasts and vote on the one you thought most useful. The episode with the most votes was Episode 2: Writing Trilogies Series–Part One. I’ve sent that off, and it will be the episode in contention for the first-ever Parsec Award in the…

  • The World Looks Brighter Today

    After 13+ hours of sleep, the migraine is gone. My blood pressure, which had spiked due to all the stress (though not up to the 160/110 range it was traveling in before I fixed it—just up to 140/84), has worked its way back down to normal levels. The air conditioning is fixed. The water isn’t,…

  • Migraine

    All day. Still. Did not need this. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Cover Art for Night Echoes

    Got the cover art for Night Echoes, thought I’d pass it along. I think it’s pretty nice. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Rats and Turtles

    My oldest kid’s life just took one of those nasty turns that hit all of us. She has to (quickly) find homes for a pet hairless rat who doesn’t have much longer to live (he/she has a tumor), and for three large painted turtles in an aquarium. I know the rat comes with its cage,…

  • Auctions, and Stuff

    I’m waiting for the post office’s shipping boxes to arrive. I’ll start putting auctions up on the site after they get here. I’ve created a little auction section on this site; I’ll open it up shortly. Last night our water heater burst, flooding the laundry room and kitchen, and killing the air conditioner. If it’s…

  • Would You Be Interested?

    My library space is about to decrease by about 75%. Ditto my yarn space, my art supply space, and all my other storage space. I have a ton of books, both in my personal reading library and in my writing research library, and almost all of them have to go—fast. I’d like to list them…

  • Some Weird Backgrounding on Project Blue

    Am deep in developing a “written” language for the worldbuilding in Project Blue. I’m having to think way outside the box, because the language is encoded for weavers, knitters, and others who work in fabric, and it’s got to be compact but flexible. So patterns have meanings, and so do colors, and so do textures…