Month: August 2005

  • Doing Crits for Katrina Victims

    I’ll be doing a manuscript crit to help raise money for Larissa Ione, whose family lost everything in the hurricane. If you can help out, please head over to Alison Kent’s site and volunteer. Or bid. I also need to hear from FrankA and/or his wife, who are from New Orleans, and who got out…

  • Forgot to Figure Revision

    Did the math, but forgot to figure revision. If I scrap the one day per week I’d built in as my buffer and use those for revision instead, I can still write Bad Moon Rising at a relatively sane 2400 words per day, and have 13 days for revision before I ship it off to…

  • Math, Math

    Because as deadlines approach, sanity lies in the numbers. Okay. I have 92 days between tomorrow and Nov 30th. 13 weeks. That’s including weekends, which … ah … I may be working again. I have 24 remaining paperclipped segments of Hawkspar — those were supposed to be completed at a rate of one per day,…

  • Say It With Me: Deadlines Are Our FRIENDS

    So, boy, oh, boy. Just agreed to my deadline schedule for the new book. I’m struggling with Hawkspar. Must get that book finished. Promptly, yes? It was officially due last December, and Anna has been lovely about the delays, but I’m not . I want to have the book done, and done well, so that…

  • Reader Review of Talyn

    Review here. It’s delightful to find readers who see what I was trying to do. And nice to know that, for them at least, I did it. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Going to Contract

    All final possible kinks in the sale of Bad Moon Rising have been ironed out. We’re going to contract. The sale is now official! I’m thrilled, and relieved. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • And AGAIN With the Global Warming

    Deep sigh. Amid the screeches of “Global warming is causing these hurricanes!,” I’d like to offer a few notes to the contrary. The first is on the cyclical nature of hurricane formation, the second is on the Milankovitch cycles and glaciation, the third is on sunspot activity as it affects climate. We’re heading into the…

  • Cats in Sinks I don’t know why. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Proposal Sent

    Offline for the rest of the day to work on the HAWKSPAR revision. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Got the Internet Back

    Spent all day and all night yesterday without Internet — our cable service experienced a fairly large outage in our area, and it was evidently tough to track down. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to being able to check the weather and get a satellite picture of what is happening right over your…