Month: May 2005

  • Monasteries

    Monastic life has always fascinated me and drawn me in compelling ways. It might be the idea of living a life of contemplation and service in an environment of strict dedication that I find so beautiful, or perhaps it’s the ritual. Maybe it’s the lure of silence. Even as a young kid, though, monasticism dug…

  • Today I Start HAWKSPAR Revisions

    I’m intimidated. I’m staring at that massive stack of paper, I know I have huge changes to make in the first half, and some important work to do in the second half, even if I’m not expecting it to be as extreme. So I’m going to think with my fingers, hoping that I can put…

  • Must-Read

    Airman Receives Overdue Honor. On Jean’s weblog. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Mind/ Body Update, End of May

    Down another two pounds, total of eleven over the last few months, with no perception of dieting, nor hardship. Most of the time, I’m not aware of doing anything to lose this weight — the dietary and physical requirements of losing weight this way are damn near imperceptible. I actually now own a pair of…

  • With Tears In My Eyes

    I owe a tremendous number of people huge thanks. And I didn’t even know. I found out because serendipity has been at work again. I was not going to be online today at all, but I woke up early and my back hurt; I couldn’t go back to sleep. I was waiting for a load…

  • Memorial Day

    FREEDOM ISN’T FREE Remember our dead of each war: American Revolution — 25,324 War of 1812 — 2,260 Mexican War — 13,283 Civil War: * Union — 498,332 * Confederacy — 364,821 * Antietam — 5,000 (both sides) in one day Spanish-American War — 2,446 World War I — 116,516 World War II — 405,399…

  • DONE

    WFH1 is all the way done and on its way to both editor and agent. Tomorrow, I’ll clean the office, then start into HAWKSPAR revisions. For now, I’m off to celebrate. I want a cookie. We have no cookies. I think this may require travel. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Almost Done with WFH1

    Did over 160 pages of type-in today, wrote the afterword, and am now writing the study guide and glossary. After that, will do the bibliography, and then I’m done. Finish line in sight. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Change of Plans

    Finally going to get last year’s hurricane damage fixed, in time to weather this year’s hurricane season. Which is supposed to be like last year’s season. Golly, gee, what fun. So I have to go outside and do prep work for the crew that’s coming in tomorrow. No more writing for today. Download as PDFPrint…

  • A Quick Break

    Have finished the write-in and am on page 128 of the type-in. Taking a brief nostalgic break. Download as PDFPrint Page