Month: February 2005

  • 141,469 words

    Got the words, plus small change. Not sure I like what I got, but they’re on paper. Now on to the copyedits. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Another Milestone

    Just rolled over 140,000 words on this last burst — so I have less than 60,000 words remaining to finish the first draft of HAWKSPAR. I’m 70% done. As long as I don’t miss another day on this, I’m still on target to finish on time with 3000 words per day, and the full 28…

  • The Heart of America

    Iraqi Child Saves American Lives. This story located and linked from Blackfive’s Heart of America. Please read. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • The Candy Protest Link

    The link was screwing up the candy protest poll viewing link, so I had to pull it. This is the story that incited my disbelief. My vote? Five on a scale of five. No small child has ever been so stupid that he would make the unconscious leap from eating barely discernable gummy candy figures…

  • The Goal, and Smack on the Head

    Must post the goal, otherwise it is difficult to track the goal. Arg. Start point: 138,446. Goal: 141,446 or better. And the head is hurting, so maybe that smack on the head wasn’t the best idea. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • The Exotic Tango on Hold

    I’m going to get my 3000 words on HAWKSPAR before I do the rest of the revisions on LAST GIRL DANCING — I got the same great copyeditor for this book that I got for MIDNIGHT RAIN, so I’m not hunting down horrific changes made to my work by someone else. I’m just fixing small…

  • Forgot to Mention a Rights Sale

    MIDNIGHT RAIN — Greek rights. Came in the other day; I’ve been lax in posting news that doesn’t involve counting words lately. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Well, Today … Was One of THOSE Days

    First, I got about 165 pages of the LAST GIRL DANCING copyedits out of the way, so the day wasn’t a total wash workwise. But the little guy was sick. There was vomiting. Then, my older kid started off to return his grandparents’ car. And the tire blew out 80 miles from here, and about…

  • On Four Hours Sleep

    Woke at four with a headache. Still have the headache. Goals today ought to be 3000 words of HAWKSPAR and 100 pages of LGD copyedit, but I’m going to have to get the copyedit stuff done first. I feel like hell, and LGD has almost no turnaround, and if I don’t get something, it has…

  • 2:00 PM, Second Goal Met

    Found some errors, smoothed out some rough edges, and while I was at it, came up with a much better ending, so I tossed the old one and wrote the new one. Managed to cut about 1000 words from the proposal overall, and I’m very happy with what I finally ended up with. Now I…