Month: October 2004

  • Why Writing ISN’T a Waste of Time

    Just wrote and posted a fun little article on the economics of writing. Money From Nothing: The Economic Value of Writing Original Fiction — A Foray Even Your Mother Will Appreciate Into Why Writing Isn’t a Waste of Your Time It provides answers to the family member, significant other, or friend who thinks you’d be…

  • Day Off to Let the Well Refill

    I’m tired. I need to just play around for a day and let my mind chew on things in the background. Will start the HAWKSPAR stuff tomorrow. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • A Little Inspiration

    Playing around with character background and cultural stuff for my female protag tonight. The whole focus of the book has shifted. Primary storylines have become secondary, secondary lines have moved to the forefront requiring deeper exploration. It’s a big hairy hell of a mess, but it would be a lot worse without Inspiration. Excellent piece…

  • Hating to Be Right

    The SEAFOX problems were real problems, all right. Big ones. When I started running the story in my head from her point of view, the voice fell into place. The first scene erupted almost whole-cloth, like freakin’ Athena from the head of Zeus. (Opening sentence: "I had a name once.") Bits and pieces that had…

  • Yeah. Okay. So I Can’t Resist.

    I went out yesterday and bought a copy of Romantic Times Book Club, because I found the reference to the review of MIDNIGHT RAIN on their site. (Of course I was looking. I haven’t been as excited about the release of any book I’ve written since the very first one.) And the review was better…

  • No. No.

    This is a serious issue. Serious enough that I’m going to print out the 112-scene outline and rethink the whole POV issue. I’m not going to write 110,000 words into this thing only to discover I did it all wrong. Measure twice. Cut once. Off to print, and think, and worry. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • And Back to SEAFOX, and The Agony of Indecision

    Starting into the first third-person POV scene this morning. I am struggling with POV issues, actually. My male protagonist is outlined to be my first-person POV. My female protagonist is outlined to be my third-person POV. (This is the opposite of TALYN. I want to maintain a similar structure for the books because it worked…

  • Done on the Proposal for the Day

    Have spent the last hours dinking and tweaking the proposal, and somehow managed to rearrange damned near every word. What I have now is better. I’ll let it sit through tonight and maybe tomorrow, and have a look at it on Monday to see if it survives cooling. If it does I’ll send it back…

  • Starting Late

    Once more over the proposal to see if anything brilliant occurs to me. There’s always hope. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Writing on a Potholed Road

    5808 words when I gave up. It’s starting rough. It’ll smooth out soon, but right at the moment, the sentences are jarring my teeth. Thank God for revision. Download as PDFPrint Page