Month: September 2004

  • MIDNIGHT RAIN Chap.2 Posted

    In acknowledgement of the fact that in much of the world, it’s already October 1, here’s the link to Chapter Two. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Hating Everyone

    I’m online for a moment just to keep myself away from matches and lighter fluid. I hit this point in every book. Discovered yesterday that I’ve now hit it in LAST GIRL DANCING. I hate all the characters, I hate the writing, I hate the story, and I want to immolate the whole damned project.…

  • About Cartania

    Cartania –This is an odd, lyrically beautiful, hard-to-pin-down site, and it’s in the writing sites section because sometimes writers can learn a lot from seeing something done spectacularly well. The writer who put it together has done something amazing here. You won’t find rules for writing on the site, or links to pages that will…

  • Offline for a few days

    I have to do a hard-copy edit of LAST GIRL DANCING. It’ll take a couple of days before I get to type-in. So I’ll be away from the computer for a few days. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Power’s Back

    Lost power at about ten thirty last night, after we were already well into the storm. We took Jeanne head on — horizontal rain, the eye passing overhead, the house shaking, neighbor’s massive old tree down on a power line. There’s a lot of flooding in the area. However, we didn’t get tornadoes; as far…

  • Military Blogging

    In the WRITING READS box (right column), I’ve added a handful of weblogs (generally called milblogs) written by active-duty soldiers, most of whom are currently stationed either in Iraq or Afghanistan. Each of these weblogs offers writing done under circumstances that make my local recent run of crappy weather look like nothing; each of them…

  • Fun with Hurricanes, Ver. 3.0

    Frances. Ivan. And now Jeanne. Initially, Jeanne didn’t have me too worried. I mean even after it pulled the Atlantic Loop-the-Loop so it could tour Disney. It tracked well east of us, and though we were going to get it, we were going to get the “clean” side. Hah. Now it’s managed to tromp along…

  • Revise, Good News, Good Review

    Had to print out another copy of LGD to revise on; revising on the screen was driving me nuts. Have the themes nailed down now, have the (big) changes in the story worked out, but if I try to do continuity onscreen instead of in hardcopy, I’ll just end up with a mess. Good news…

  • New Snippet — The First Strip Club

    Like the way today’s snippet turned out. Fine-tuning that worked, I think. Log in to read it here. R Rating: General setting, profanity, and overt sexuality. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Final Count for the Day

    Edited roughly fifty pages, but it was reworking previous revisons. Managed to end up in the hole by about 1200 words today, too, in spite of adding a lot of new material. On the upside, the story is tighter and better. Download as PDFPrint Page