Month: March 2003

  • The Birth of a Book; The Death of a Dream

    Eleven years. I have been eleven years in the writing of Midnight Rain, and as I typed the final words in this revision, knowing that this time I had nailed the ending, that I had pulled in the story elements that I’ve been fighting with, as I sat there with a completed 100,000 word on-spec…

  • Midnight Rain is DONE!

    Thank God. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Almost to the finish line

    Pushing through the last few pages, with the wordcount now where I need it to be and the revisions clicking and only the redo of the climax (for which I have about eight pages of handwritten notes now) ahead as a big obstacle. Today, today, today — God, I want to finish this thing today.…

  • Protected: Better late than never, I suppose

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  • In spite of everything, the book is almost finished

    The schedules of the rest of my family have been nearly impossible to work around, my mood has been grim and crappy, but Midnight Rain is close to completion. I’m hoping that the five-year-old will play quietly for a while so that I can work on it today — I’m within striking distance of wrapping…

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  • US Military Personnel Support Board

    I’ve put together a small non-community-related private board for people who have family or friends stationed overseas/ in harm’s way right now, as well as for those who don’t but who would like to offer support. We’ll be sending letters and books and so on. This is not a war discussion/debate board. If you would…

  • Ha!

    I have been struggling with the same damned scene for days now, dreading sitting down to the computer because the words I needed and the story I needed just weren’t there. I’ve done about five takes on the thing, each time thinking, “Okay, I’ll get it this time.” And each take has sucked. Yesterday I…

  • And how IS the book?

    Yeah. Well. The last few days have been chaotic. However, I’m getting a handle on everything, and am now sitting down to do the last of the all-new pages before moving back to revision pages. Oh, the joy of revision pages. Inserting new material is tough — the temptation to fall back on characters sitting…

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