Month: June 2002

  • Significant strugglage

    I didn’t make my 2000 yesterday — didn’t even come close. I’m having a harder time getting back into this book than I seemed to be at first. Going to shoot for 2000 again today. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • 1500 words yesterday

    Planning on the same or better today. Yesterday Alan came face to face with Phoebe’s nightmares. Today, I think we’ll get to see the reality that anchors them. In other news, I have the Breakout Novel class put together. Spent all last night and much of this morning going over the applications, and had a…

  • Back to business

    Yesterday, I went over old material to refresh myself on it, and wrote just over a thousand words of new material. It took me a couple of hours of struggling to get back into the story and the universe; this, after all, is a pretty sharp break from the Unified Conspiracy Theory Field universe of…

  • Almost done with the site

    Yesterday, my finest site hour — I got the damned template and comments for this page to work. I’ve been slogging links on the site, and reformatting pages to CSS so that the next time I want to completely redesign the site, I’ll be able to do most of it with the push of a…

  • Trying to get BlogBack to work again

    The new template doesn’t seem to like it much. Figures. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Done!

    I’ve finally finished typing in all the revisions on The Wreck of Heaven. I replaced or rewrote a huge amount of the book — I didn’t know how much until I started typing changes in. Even in this final phase, the thing remained the Book that Would Not Die. But it’s done now, and I’m…

  • And the word for today is “frustration”

    I have the site mostly switched over, but it keeps waffling back and forth — still hasn’t finished propagating across the net, apparently. So sometimes links work, and sometimes they don’t. The community software is EVIL. Great software, it will do beautiful things, and Shalon Wood did yeoman work getting the initial set-up done, but…

  • Done, oh, done, OH DONE!

    The Revision that Would Not Die got a stake through the heart just a few minutes ago. I’ve finished it, got to keep the ending I loved, and everything came together. Tomorrow, typing. But not tonight. Tonight I just get to be happy. And DONE. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • A mere 30 pages from the end

    Never underestimate the power of pain, and having lying down hurt as much as sitting up. I’ve done an enormous amount of writing, rewriting, and revising today, and only have thirty pages of The Wreck of Heaven‘s manuscript left at this point — and most of those page, I think, are going to get the…

  • Threw my back out

    Badly. Was running this morning, didn’t feel anything go wrong, but afterwords … oh, mama. And now I can’t move without screaming. Takes much of the fun out of sitting and working, but sitting doesn’t hurt quite as bad as lying down, so …. Download as PDFPrint Page