Month: January 2002

  • All revisions typed in — nothing left but printing

    Short break. I’ll do the printing tonight. I get a day off tomorrow. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Have now passed the halfway mark on typing in the edits

    Of course, there’s more work that must be done in the second half. Still, it wasn’t nearly as much as I expected by the time I’d finished revising last night. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Revisions done

    Tomorrow … typing them in. And mailing the manuscript if I have enough time. Though I probably won’t. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • I’m making nice progress

    And the revisions in this last third of the book have so far not been as rough as I was anticipating. I had much more work to do on the revision of Vincalis. Which comes out in about a month. I cannot believe that. Time has been flying way to fast for me. Download as…

  • Got over 200 pages revised yesterday

    And something nice. The farther I go through this manuscript, the more I realize that I haven’t liked a book this much when I was done with it since Sympathy for the Devil. Maybe I should write everything under this hectic, insane pressure. Or maybe not. So anyway, I have less than 200 pages to…

  • I didn’t get anywhere near where I needed to be yesterday

    I made it to 245, and suddenly realized I was sitting there with my eyes closed, still trying to read what I’d written. So I went to bed. But I’m getting an early start on it today, and I don’t have a headache, so I should make better progress. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • Page 175, and I just hit the train wreck

    Not in the book, but in the story. The place where, in this initial draft, I jumped the shark, or lost one fragment of the story. I knew it was coming, but now it’s here. In the next bit, I’m going to have to reduce and compress characters, turn them into one or two much…

  • 125 pages done

    Today I’ll have to do at least 200 pages, and I expect this part of the manuscript to require more work (the first part was surprisingly clean). But I’m almost done. Just a couple more days and I’ll have this monkey off my back. And then I can get to the next monkey. Download as…

  • 52 pages into the revision

    This is the strangest sensation — I don’t remember having written any of this. Revisions so far have been light, but the characters say things and do things that I don’t remember them doing. I might as well be editing the work of a stranger whose worldbuilding and previous works I’m familiar with — I…

  • DONE, DONE …

    Done … done … DONE! 2977 words, and the end of the first draft. After cleaning out notes to myself, it’s 105,779 words long. Tonight, I’ll print. Tomorrow I’ll start the revision. Download as PDFPrint Page