Month: November 2001

  • And 1077 of a sample chapter for the FALLEN SUNS book

    I’m liking the girl’s voice. Her name is Talyn, her friend’s name is Nadee, and the boy for whom she is about to get herself into some serious shit is name Fean. So far. Nothing is ever cast in stone. Enough for one night. I like this material, though. I’m excited. More tomorrow. Download as…

  • 2546 words, and on to the next thing

    I like the unnerving little dagger at the end of scene three. It sets up tomorrow’s scene nicely; I find myself already eager to jump in. Good sign. It’s like having something left in the tank after a morning run; like knowing you could sit down and do the whole thing again. Now to FALLEN…

  • Break took longer than anticipated

    They do that sometimes. Back to work. Starting at 2369, with the rest of the scene for The Wreck of Heaven, and then stuff for the FALLEN SUNS project. Onward. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • 2369 words.

    Hell of a time for a supper break. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • 1733 — reminiscing

    But not for too long, because while there is conflict in remembering all you have lost, it isn’t quite the exciting sort of conflict that comes from walking between worlds or coming face to face with your dead sister. So I guess I’d better move past this pensive part now and into the big, complicated…

  • 1311 words, and Lauren is coming to grips with impossible truth

    That’s the worst sort, of course. The thing that you know can’t be true because it would defy the laws of physics — except that, irrefutably, you have right before you the proof that this thing is, in fact, truer than shit, and just as messy. Poor Lauren. Sucks to be her — that’s all…

  • 704 words

    Did it again. And it’s always at around the 700 – 800 word mark that I get the uncontrollable itch to check. What the hell. It’s rolling pretty well — Lauren got Pete out of the house and now she is about to get world-changing news from the invisible vey�r in the foyer. It’s one…

  • A million images are colliding in my skull

    I’ve mentioned that Betsy (my Warner Aspect editor) didn’t want another book set in Matrin, though I’m not certain if I mentioned it here. Anyway, I put together a kick-ass new world, a magic system I love, and, unfortunately, a story that didn’t work. However, Russ Galen, my agent, pointed out the parts of it…

  • 2624 and done

    Scene two done. Chapter One done. And I’ve left it with a nice cliffhanger to get me rolling tomorrow. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Download as PDFPrint Page

  • 2237 words, and I found the right direction, I think

    Set-up more for the book after this one than for this one (which has a very definite, fixed direction), but it’s given the chapter a few nice grace notes. Now to add in a bit of spice, and a touch of fear. Download as PDFPrint Page