200,000 words?

By Holly Lisle

For the first time today, I wrote a number greater than 200,000 on my Talyn word count card. The magic number is 200,954, and it’s the word count I’ll have if I get a full 3,000 words this morning. But you’ll note that even if I only get 2,000 words, I’ll be so close to 200,000 that I’d be crazy not to push for a few extra to take me over the top. I’ve been getting around 2,600 the last couple of days (following two days when I got miserable 1,200’s).

Two days does not a roll make, but the story does feel like it’s coming easier now; a good day today and the roll over that mystical round number 200,000 could be the noodge I need to create a real roll, that downhill gallop that makes finishing books such fun.

And, forseeing questions … the word count card is an index card I keep on the desk, upon which, each day, I write my word count goal for the day. (Used to do the same thing with page numbers, before I discovered the more precise art of counting words from my pal Lazette Gifford.) The next morning I cross off the old goal, and write in the new goal. My word count card for Talyn is actually now three index cards stapled together at the top. Which makes sense, since Talyn is going to be about three regular books long. I could do the same thing at the end of the document in Word, but I find the physical act of writing my word goal for the day, and the presence of a bit of paper that shows an ever-growing pile of ever-larger number encouraging.

So … back to 200,000. Today should be the day. More as this story develops …. [g]

In chat right now, Word Warring for the words. Drop in if you get a chance. Check here to see if we’re still in there. Click the Community Chat link.

6 AM EST. 197, 954 to start.

7:51 AM. 198,713. It’s not coming fast, but it’s coming.

8:33 AM. 199,100. Finally broke the 199,000 word barrier. And we have a handful of other Word Warriors running now.

9:15 AM. 199,607. Closing on it!

9:33 AM. 199,755.

9:51 AM. 199,941.

9:57 AM. 200,004!!!

boing (4k image)

10:30 AM. 200,113. Stopped for a bit to celebrate. Back at work now.

11:08 AM. Finished at 200,330. Time to go do Other Stuff. I made my minimum, and now have more than 200,000 words total, and that’s enough for one day. šŸ˜€ I’m HAPPY!

Huge thanks to the folks who hung out in chat with me, ran in the Word War, waved pom-poms from the sidelines, and offered suggestions when I stalled. You guys were wonderful, and made it a great morning.

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