1970 words on Bashtyk, and a whole lotta dead folk

Scary Monster's EyeYeah.

That went well.

Have been up since six AM today, writing, undoing, rethinking, pushing, and my net gain was one chapter.

Good chapter.

It ended with the line that made my blood run cold (and not because it broke the entire storyline in this episode for this story’s second main character).

Just because it was the dead opposite of what I’d planned, of what I’d been writing toward, of my anticipated midpoint twist. It twisted my twist, and made it better.

And I had no clue it was coming until the killer walked up to my MC.

The line?

After a moment it said, “And you’re the new captain.”

I cannot WAIT to get to work tomorrow morning.

Today, though? I gotta finish 1099s.

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2 responses to “1970 words on Bashtyk, and a whole lotta dead folk”

  1. Ariana Browning Avatar

    Goodness. That last line gives me a feeling though I’m not even writing it. Fills me with questions and makes me want to know more.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      The part that tickled me most was the word “it.”

      I wasn’t expecting ANY of the twist that led up to that moment—but “it” gave me goosebumps.

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