19,068 Words of BASHTYK…Getting close to the finish.

The Guardian of Freedom
The Guardian of Freedom

Tomorrow I have to get serious about ripping out the six remaining scene Sentences in the story, and melting them down into, at most, three scene Sentences that hit all the essentials, and give me the big, powerful finish that I want.

And that leave me with the jumping-off point for the next story, which still has no title, nor even a hint of a possibility of a title.

But today, I got an even 1300 words (I confess to stopping on the round number on purpose—but I did finish my sentence 😀 ).

Today folks were debating freedom—what it is, and who gets it.

I got the intent of what I wanted in the story in the two scenes I worked on today…but I could tell as I was writing the scenes, especially the second one, that these are the ones that are going to need some heavy revision.

Still, the story went the right way, my characters did the right things, and I left myself with a solid foundation for the revision. Some days, that’s good enough.

Now I need to get Help Desk stuff done, and then test the software Dan is building for me.


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2 responses to “19,068 Words of BASHTYK…Getting close to the finish.”

  1. Claudette Avatar

    Yay! You’re in the home stretch.

  2. Rosa Avatar

    Big YAY and three cheers!

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