1778 words, and I’ve come to what seems like the logical end of the scene.

Unfortunately, I’m 622 words short of my acceptable word baseline for the day, and I didn’t really want to dive into the next scene just yet. What to do?

Could telescope a bit, and throw the appearance of the ghost into the end of this scene instead of the beginning of the next one where I’d planned it. I do have a guest in the house at the moment, so that could work … a bit of a complication with having the ghost’s important message given to Lauren at a time when she can’t discuss it or even let herself think too much about it for fear of giving away the big surprise to her guest, who can’t find out about it yet.

That really screws up tomorrow, though.

Or I could deal with what just happened between three-year-old Jake and Lauren’s would-be suitor Pete.


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