1479 words the hard way — total 60,888

I ended up having to rip out another section of the story today, so that pretty quickly, I ended up deep in negative numbers. 1010 words in the hole, in fact.Ohio 3 2021 05 27 at 9 38 30 AM

But the things I realized I needed to do yesterday kept me going as I fixed what was broken, and let me get my characters into deep trouble while getting the story OUT of trouble… and I just kept writing until I got to a good stopping place with my main character facing oncoming death, her half-sister facing the horrors from the past… and me 469 words in the blue. (As in blue bar at the top of this post.)

Actual word count therefore, is obtained by subtracting the 1010 words I removed this morning, adding 1010 NEW words to replace them… and then keeping going until I added plus 469 more.

1479 words. Hah! Better than 1250 in spite of the difficulties.

And with that, I have managed to get rid of all the words that were going in the wrong direction.

There is, of course, no guarantee that I won’t go in another wrong direction in this book. But for now, I have a brand new scene I love that solves the problem I hit yesterday, and a good, solid start on today’s scene that I will pick up tomorrow.

That counts as a good writing day.



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