1286 words, and a nice twist in the story.

I got my 1250 words with a few extra today, though it took longer than three hours, and there are a fair list of things I didn’t get done… and that I’ll have to do tomorrow, so there might not be any (or many) words Thursday.

What I got was hard going, but I like it. My hero is dealing with a secret from her grandmother’s past, and a new acquaintance who’s own grandmother just died — and a deeply disturbing connection between these two dead grandmothers.

And monsters.

And a bit of magic, or something indistinguishable from it.

Good writing day.

I’ve been fasting since Sunday morning (meaning I had a cup of cashews Sunday morning, and have had nothing but water and coffee since) and I won’t eat anything until about six PM tonight, so I’m a smidge grumpy. 

So, with a fair amount of work still pending, I’m going to move all of it until tomorrow in my bullet journal, and call it a day today.

Hang in!

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