1281 words, the start of chapter three, and we’re deep in the muck now!

By Holly Lisle

Today the words just flew. I was late getting started, and I’m still done with the fiction before 11 AM!

Which is fortunate, because I have a lot of NOT fiction I have to deal with today. But I got my words first, and I love what I got.

My MC got the proof that the corpse was murdered — this is not a spoiler, so I can happily state that. The spoiler would be why… which she doesn’t know yet, but I mostly do.

And the town’s ambient magic, and the folks who know how to use it for evil, are involved. Again — not a spoiler.

But to be able to live in the mundane version of the place I’m writing, to be able to use my existing house as one of the settings, to be able to get all the plants and animals and folks right because I’m actually living here and writing here (or at least a version of “here” that never was, and never could be) is a daily joy.

Off now to deal with the much less delightful “other stuff.”


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