100,000 Words — The Tip of the Iceberg

In doing some website work, I discovered that I have written over 100,000 words on writing on the Forward Motion for Writers section of this site.

That’s just for the articles and the essays and the workshops. That doesn’t include the five or six years of writing about writing in posts and essays on the FM community, or any of the stuff in the various weblog incarnations, or any of the emails.

I never added it up before. I just did it, and didn’t think about it. But it’s a lot. A lot more than I realized. Looking at the numbers I can count, and considering the massive uncountable ones related to the writing community, the weblogs, tons of emails from writers with questions … I find myself wondering: How many more novels could I have written if I hadn’t been writing all of those writing pieces?

Should I have? Would life be any easier for us now had I done things differently before? What has all of this cost my family?

Off to consider the meaning of this revelation, somewhat unsettled.

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