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Our Weekly Podcast: Alone in a Room with Invisible People

Whether you’re a writer just getting started, or writing your fiftieth short story or novel, or even if you’re a reader who is curious about the real story behind how fiction gets made, come hang out with us.

I’m Holly Lisle, and I’ve been writing and publishing both professionally and independently since 1991. Meanwhile, my daughter Rebecca Galardo, is a long-time fiction writer but a new novelist. Together, we discuss our own adventures (and misadventures), answer listeners’ questions, and explore the weird job of writing fiction for a living.

And the show title? That’s not a strange joke. That’s just the job description.


Got my words on Wishbone Conspiracy

Got a good chunk of the novel note-carded with my current best ideas on how it will go, and wrote a big chunk of words of background and outlining, plus 1151 words of the actual story.   And I like what I got. This being Saturday, I’m not supposed to be writing fiction. Saturday and Sunday are BOTH supposed to Continue reading →


Another Cadence Drake start pops up — 12,862 words

I woke up at around five-ish this morning knowing the next chapter of The Wishbone Conspiracy, my next Cady Drake novel.  And thought about it for a while, and decided that I would write it once I got up and got showered. And am sitting down to do that.   But on my way to getting there, I just found ANOTHER Continue reading →

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Moon & Sun: The Emerald Sun. It begins…

Today is my first day of actual story brainstorming (a combination of plotting, doodling, and talking to myself) on The Emerald Sun. (Reading and noting is done with the books and sticky notes. Brainstorming requires your butt in the chair and your fingers on the keyboard with a sketchpad on the desk in front of you — at least if Continue reading →


Becoming Piers Anthony: The Not-Impossible Dream of 3 Books A Year

A couple of things have changed in my life recently, one of which has been the writing of Dead Man’s Party, my demo novel for the writing class I’m currently building, How to Write a Novel. I’ve been dedicating one concentrated hour or so a week to the writing of the first draft (and a bloody awful first draft it Continue reading →


An entire holiday of snow (Cat Gerlach’s Advent Calendar Collection)

More holiday fiction, including an upcoming story by me… Katharina Gerlach, one of my site moderators, a marvelous (and bilingual) writer, and a fine editor, requested stories for her annual Advent Calendar. And got a great turn-out, some excellent stories, and a project she put together to share a bunch of writers’ fiction with new readers. And I forgot Continue reading →


Lost Words Found: I’m having a strange and disturbing morning…

I think in general we as human beings like to think we’re on top of things. That we have a pretty good bead on not just where we are, but where we’ve been, and where we’re going. I’m working on Lesson 16 of How to Write a Novel this morning, which is about voice and tone, and to show writers Continue reading →


Last 6 hours of my HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL Early-Bird Sale

At the top of this (and every) page on the site, you’ll currently see a little timer. Today is the last day of my How to Write a Novel Early-Bird Launch, where the price is about 50% off my projected final price once the class is done. And as I write this, we’re down to the LAST SIX HOURS. I Continue reading →


Podcast Technical Difficulties

Becca was out of town, a raw cut of just her talking got uploaded instead of the edited episode, so she’s working on getting what was to have been today’s episode corrected. The broken one has already been pulled down. HOWEVER… (yeah, there’s always one of those), this being the holiday season, lots more people are uploading things, so we Continue reading →


NEW Fiction, BARGAIN price: The Longview Chronicles and The Owner’s Tale

I’m delighted to announce that The Longview Chronicles, the complete six-book series in one volume, is on sale through Friday for $2.99— regular price will be $7.99 for the complete series in ebook form, but I wanted all of my folks to get the whole series for the price of one episode. For folks who are wondering, Cady is in the series Continue reading →


The How to Write a Novel Lesson Sampler — Part Two

So as promised, here’s the second Lesson Sampler from my in-progress How to Write a Novel class. I’ll note that: Registration for the class closes tomorrow night at 11:59 PM Eastern Time, and that… This is the only time How to Write a Novel will be available for the Early-Bird price.  When registration reopens sometime next year, the price will Continue reading →