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Our Weekly Podcast: Alone in a Room with Invisible People

Whether you’re a writer just getting started, or writing your fiftieth short story or novel, or even if you’re a reader who is curious about the real story behind how fiction gets made, come hang out with us.

I’m Holly Lisle, and I’ve been writing and publishing both commercially and independently since 1991. Meanwhile, my daughter Rebecca Galardo is a long-time fiction writer but a new novelist. Together, we discuss our own adventures (and misadventures), answer listeners’ questions, and explore the weird job of writing fiction for a living.

And the show title? That’s not a strange joke. That’s just the job description.


The Wishbone Conspiracy: 2014 words, and sneaking up on my ending

Today I discovered something I did not know — that the layered conspiracy that pulled Cady and her allies into danger did so with way more initial planning than I’d realized. That the horrifying crimes she uncovered and solved might have just been a convenient way for someone to get her in front of a much bigger and much older Continue reading →


Marketing Tuesday: Cleaning and Revising Character Clinic for re-release

I’m doing a third edition of Character Clinic — the second one had a bunch of dead links, I never did get a print version put together for it, my class website has changed domains, and a few other things. So today I did bug-hunting, put together a new cover, (one that matches my better covers on my site), and Continue reading →

Dead Man's Party

Dead Man’s Party: I lost a character I loved today

I got my words today — 1112 of them, which was more than the 1075 I had to get. And they absolutely flew. And mostly I loved what I got, and the part that I hated still was necessary and important to the story. It was good storytelling — and good storytelling beats being nice to your characters one hundred Continue reading →


The Expanded Ko-Fi Rewards Poll

This is the expanded non-binding vote for rewards you would like to receive for funding me on Ko-Fi. Please vote. Add any comments below. Download as PDFPrint Page Continue reading →


Ko-Fi Rewards: I forgot to add some rewards I loved to the questionnaire

I made the mistake of having multiple ways that folks could suggest great rewards for my Ko-Fi fiction-writing fund. Listing sponsor in the ACKS is automatic — to the point that if you don’t WANT to be in the Acknowledgements, you’ll need to let me know. But everything else I CAN do is under consideration, and among the many things I Continue reading →


The Wishbone Conspiracy: 2094 words, and a bit of grimdark at the end

Started rough, ended well. That’s been a theme lately. I love the words I got, but just getting started getting them was an uphill run blindfolded. Once my guys started Shooting To Thrill, and came Back in Black, though, my fingers got moving and did not stop. And at that point, I had the story twist on me in a couple Continue reading →


The Wishbone Conspiracy: Going in Guitars Blazing

Sometimes sweet acoustic won’t do the trick. Sometimes silence won’t do the trick. And sometimes weirdly, not even Disturbed can shake the words loose. So this morning its me and AC/DC, and Back in Black. Sometimes you just gotta go Old School. Sometimes the words need Hell’s Bells, and Shoot to Thrill, and You Shook Me All Night Long. And on that intro scream Continue reading →


The Wishbone Conspiracy: Still in the exciting “first ending” bits

Herog decided to be difficult this morning. I had what he was going to do all nicely planned out, and then it didn’t go the way I’d planned at all. Cady is now in a bad situation that’s about to get worse, Herog is in a dreadful situation that he might not be able to handle, the first part of Continue reading →


Trying to figure out Ko-Fi Rewards — please VOTE and Suggest

I’m over on Ko-Fi now (instead of Patreon), and I’m trying to figure out what would be cool to offer my supporters. I’m shooting for “best rewards imaginable — that I can do within the limited time I have to create them.” So I’m asking for you to vote on what’s already come in, and SUGGEST other ideas. POLL HAS Continue reading →


The Wishbone Conspiracy: Down to the wire on Plot One…

Today was fun. I got 2024 words, two complete scenes, and am now rolling out the end game for the part of the story that I haven’t been hiding.  I’ve hinted a couple times at the part I have been hiding — it’s cheating if you don’t. But by the end of this week, I should have the obvious story Continue reading →