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Our Weekly Podcast: Alone in a Room with Invisible People

Whether you’re a writer just getting started, or writing your fiftieth short story or novel, or even if you’re a reader who is curious about the real story behind how fiction gets made, come hang out with us.

I’m Holly Lisle, and I’ve been writing and publishing both professionally and independently since 1991. Meanwhile, my daughter Rebecca Galardo, is a long-time fiction writer but a new novelist. Together, we discuss our own adventures (and misadventures), answer listeners’ questions, and explore the weird job of writing fiction for a living.

And the show title? That’s not a strange joke. That’s just the job description.


The How to Write a Novel Lesson Sampler — Part One

Sometimes it’s tough to explain what a class is, how it works, why it isn’t like every other class out there. Sometimes (well, most times) it’s a lot easier to SHOW… So in this PART 1 demo of my How to Write a Novel class, I’ve taken the first 7 to 9 pages of each of the first seven lessons, exactly Continue reading →


The Titanic of Launches

Yesterday was EPIC… And by that I mean that it was the worst launch start I’ve ever been through. Better yet, the wreck was my fault. I had, you see, this wonderful idea. We would have a way for folks in the shop to buy gifts for other writers, and to send those gifts directly — nice little note that Continue reading →


IT’S A SIGN!!! – Moon & Sun Book 3: The Emerald Sun

A long time ago (back in 2006-2008), I wrote two novels I loved and younger readers loved. The Ruby Key: Moon & Sun Book 1 The Silver Door: Moon & Sun Book 2 I’d started work on the third one, The Emerald Sun: Moon & Sun Book 3… And then Scholastic told me they weren’t going to continue the series. Continue reading →


Email is the devil

Just sayin’… People disbelieve me when I say I deal with a lot of email. Glancing over at my email box, the number on Mail was just too funny to resist. Download as PDFPrint Page Continue reading →


Five Hours on the Bug Hunts

Worked from 9 AM to 2:30 PM today on the bug hunts of Longview 6: The Owner’s Tale.  It was a bit of a fiction orgy, and I was really hoping to have it done today. Not so much, as it turns out. However, I am down to the last 97 bugs. Considering that I started with 226, I did pretty Continue reading →


Grinding: Diablo 3, Knitting, Writing… LIFE

Problem: Not Enough Noro means I have to use a fill-in yarn SOLVED: On November 3rd, I finished my Stained Glass Sweater, a project I’d been working on in small pieces since August 18th. Problem: About two weeks ago (late in the actual season), I discovered that the Diablo 3 season had something I wanted. A Disembodied Hand pet. SOLVED: Sunday night,I got my Disembodied Continue reading →


Completed revision of The Owner’s Tale today – Next big step to getting back to Moon & Sun

This is the first revision I’ve ever done that didn’t even require the fixing of a typo on the first twenty-four pages, and had only the addition of a hyphen on page twenty-five. This is the lightest revision of a first draft I have ever done. And it’s making me a little crazy that I don’t know why.  I love Continue reading →


Just finished the first draft of The Owner’s Tale — Moon & Sun 3 on deck.

So. Just now the first draft of The Owners Tale, the LAST episode in Tales from the Longview. Wrote the final thousand-ish words this morning and part of this afternoon, and for now, at least, I like the ending. I’ve printed off the manuscript (in 12 point Courier, double-spaced and with large margins, of course) where it will sit on Continue reading →


Poisoned Apple: After the Love Is Gone

I loved Apple computers for a long time. Frankly, I still love the two I have: A late 2013 iMac, and an even older MacBook Pro. But Apple has definitely been embracing the Dark Side since Steve Jobs died, and its walled garden, along with its pressure to push users into the Apple store and to make getting software from Continue reading →

How to Write a Novel

Live Workshop Today: Coming Up with a Story Idea Big Enough for a Novel

This has to be quick, because I still have to do my OWN worksheets before the show so I can discuss how I got the idea I got. Since I don’t yet HAVE the idea… you see the problem. Download your worksheets here: The workshop is here: Starts at 1:00 PM, I may open a couple minutes early to test Continue reading →