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Our Weekly Podcast: Alone in a Room with Invisible People

Whether you’re a writer just getting started, or writing your fiftieth short story or novel, or even if you’re a reader who is curious about the real story behind how fiction gets made, come hang out with us.

I’m Holly Lisle, and I’ve been writing and publishing both professionally and independently since 1991. Meanwhile, my daughter Rebecca Galardo, is a long-time fiction writer but a new novelist. Together, we discuss our own adventures (and misadventures), answer listeners’ questions, and explore the weird job of writing fiction for a living.

And the show title? That’s not a strange joke. That’s just the job description.


The Wishbone Conspiracy: Tangerine Returns

Today, a blast from the past who yesterday showed up for this party uninvited today became a major part of the story. Tangerine was a one-scene character in Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood. He was in that story to change Cady’s appearance when she was in trouble but did not yet know exactly how much trouble she was in. The rule of Continue reading →

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The Wishbone Conspiracy: Tangerine?

I got 2014 words today on The Wishbone Conspiracy, and sent Cady home — back to Cantata, back to Oldcity… And someone showed up whom I was not expecting to see for several more books. Tangerine, the bodyartist from Tangerine’s Dream back in Book One. I knew when I met Tangerine that he was a lot more than he was letting on, Continue reading →


The Emerald Sun: Tiny Sneak Peek of the FIRST DRAFT Story Start

Got  753 words on The Emerald Sun today. Not the thousand I was shooting for, but I’m having to step back into a world I haven’t lived in for over a decade, and finding my way is tough. But, in FIRST DRAFT (which… DISCLAIMER: May contain bugs, which WILL change in revision, and for which I do not need any Continue reading →


The Emerald Sun: Walking with Genna this morning

My hour (plus) this morning did not yield a massive wordcount. 556 words total. But in that 556 words, Genna and her voice came back to me, and Genna immediately broke what I’d planned for the first chapter, and did what I did not expect her to do. She lied to the Audiomaerist, in whose house she and her companions Continue reading →

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The Publisher-Devils are still out there…

So… I got this email, which wrapped up with this question: I’ve been in contact with Christian faith publishing the past year but haven’t submitted my manuscript because I recently finished writing, reading and editing it, & wanted to know more info before doing so. They have finally informed me of production costs if my manuscript were chosen for publishing. It’s a little Continue reading →


Wishbone Conspiracy: 2176 words and some GREAT twists

Fun, fun writing day today. I ran for about two hours, and got 2176 words, a really cool twist I didn’t expect, a second twist that I did, and put Cady, Tarko, and Storm Rat in the eye of not one but TWO coming storms. Herog is off doing other stuff in this novel, so is missing the fun — Continue reading →


Wishbone Conspiracy: Excellent writing day

I got started late this morning. Every once in a while I have a night where I can’t sleep. I went to bed around midnight, woke up at two-thirty, and couldn’t get back to sleep until seven AM. So I wasn’t back up and at work until ten AM. And I feel a bit fried. But I set my timer, Continue reading →

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Moon & Sun 3: Sketching with words

I started out my workday this morning looking for (and finding) a sketchbook among my many notebooks and blank project books. Followed by staring at the blank pages, with an array of drawing tools in front of me, and with my Muse going, “No, no, no, no, no…” “I need to see these things,” I muttered, and Muse said, “I Continue reading →

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Outline Finished! The Emerald Sun moves forward…

Short post today. Took a couple hours, but I was on a roll, so I just stuck with it. And I’m delighted to announce that I’ve finished the line-for-scene outline of Moon & Sun 3: The Emerald Sun. Tomorrow I’ll take a day off from writing fiction, and instead work on building some of the locations that exist in this Continue reading →


Retool of The Wishbone Conspiracy Playlist

The themes of The Wishbone Conspiracy are getting clearer for me, and I did a pretty major rip-apart of the playlist I’m using to stay focused on the novel during my two days a week, and to get myself into that place every time I write.  I might have too many songs in the list. For some books, I’ve looped just Continue reading →