Good words, and a lot of other stuff.

But it’s been a crazy day, so I’m just going to say that I love what I got, I was absolutely evil to my poor characters (and the planet), and on that happy note, I got 1023 GOOD words (after ripping out a chunk that weren’t).

And I have 75,266 total.

And what I get to write tomorrow is going to be FUN!

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First, a bit of grousing about numbers accounting on the damn scene.

Two days in a row, now, I have accidentally with one keyboard command deleted a big section of not just my words for the day, but the rest of the words in the chapter. 

It’s an easy fix. You just paste it back.

Unfortunately, when you paste it back, Scrivener loses your count for the day by subtracting the words you cut… and then adding everything you pasted back in as new words.

So, having in fact written exactly 45 words so far this morning, my word counter now shows that I’ve written 1308 — the number now in the chapter.UntitledImage

But there’s no way that I can find to reset the wordcount for the day to zero, and I’m not in the mood to dig through the internet or the somewhat squiffy software documentation to see if there’s a way to do this.

So to hit my REAL goal for the day, I’m going to have to hit 2445 words.

And I’m writing the number here so that I don’t lose track of my actual objective.

And so that when that shows up in the blog, you will not be unduly impressed. 

Okay. Back to the actual words.

And now it’s 9:26-ish AM, and I hauled ass and got them. The big 2,484 words is actually just a smidge over my 1250 objective for the day.

But the words… oh, BOY, the words.

I had absolutely no clue what was going to happen when my MC talked to my visitor.

And what happened was that my small town, through the visitor, is about to get global reach and power in a really terrible way.

From the characters’ perspective, this is horrible beyond belief.

From my perspective as writer… it was just AWESOME. I love the way this think keeps surprising me, and love the way it’s flying along, twisting every time I think I know what’s going to happen next…


And I just wrote down the new Scene Sentence for tomorrow in the manuscript so that I won’t forget it.

Because… DAMN. I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow.


Now, however, I have to go work on the complete site rebuild and classroom overhaul of for the rest of the day.

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I was LOST. 

Gut said to shut up and keep going. And I spent a lot of time today fiddling with the outline, and trying to understand what the stuff I wrote last week meant…

And then, HOLY CRAP!!!

Someone I never expected showed up at my MC’s door, and was the person who gave me such a bad time last week, and this week, all of a sudden, I found out what all that strangeness and storm und drang and wandering was about.

It went CLICK like a well-oiled machine.

Things are going to get deadly again.

But the character who switched teams on me this week is going to make the rest of the week’s writing a blast.


1296 words today (and I fixed the damn “working hours” timer in Scrivener early today so that it didn’t eat them on me again when it took me a really long time to get them)… and 72,229 total.

And there’s a happy dance going on over here, let me tell you.

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Holly’s Writing Classes is on old software, and I’ve delayed as long as I can on upgrading it.

Now I’m having to move it to really nice PROFESSIONAL class delivery and teaching software… and even though I have awesome moderators who are helping me do this, there’s some stuff ONLY I can do, and even that takes a lot of work and a lot of time. 

And I got a bit sidetracked this morning on figuring out how to run the new site.

Meanwhile, I’m writing novel four of five in the OHIO series.

And today — well, I did not Dorothy Hamill this particular Monday. I landed on my ass.

I only got about 900 words done on the book, and I don’t know the exact number because my damn word counter on Scrivener had my “day” (the hours between which words will count for this day, and when they will roll over to the next day) to 2 PM.

So when I was still working on the book past 2, Scrivener ate the day’s count.

And I didn’t record what I accomplished Friday in my journal.

Shit happens, but this wasn’t that. This was me screwing up. I allowed my attention to be dragged away by the lure of awesome new software.

I know I got ABOUT 900  words.

That’s not the way I want to run my Mondays.

But now I do have other things I absolutely have to get done. So tomorrow, I’m going to pay attention to staying focused on just one task at a time.

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Exhaustion wins. 977 words, and calling it a day

Have been at this since 8 AM. Needed 1250 words. Did not get them.

But I’ll rest over the weekend, and come back at this fresh on Monday, and see what happens.

Right now, short on sleep, just exhausted, I have to concede that sometimes attempting to force your way through to your word-count objective doesn’t work.

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Fun, fun writing today. I got to pull out all the stops getting my good guys into position to catch bad guys attempting to do very bad things — and the scene went off without a hitch.

Chaos is a lot of fun to plot, especially when it is the finely-crafted impression of chaos set up by folks who, it’s going to turn out later, had been working on this chaos behind the scenes for a while, and who finally got a good opportunity to break out their plan and take it for a drive.

I got 1306 words out of 1250 planned, and a total of 69,362 on Book Four. Tomorrow I should (all things being equal) roll well over 70,000.

And I remain on schedule to get the book done by November 15th.

I’m very happy with what I accomplished today.

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And once again, I loved what I got.

My poor, poor characters…

And I got 1351 words, and am now at 68,056 — and the villains in town have just done something really interesting, and my MC just got to see the first tip of a brand new iceberg…

But I now have to go work on the massive overhaul of the site.

My moderators and I are rebuilding the whole thing (offsite, of course). I’m estimating that it’ll take us between two and four months to get the whole thing overhauled.

It will, however, be spiff as hell when it’s done.

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Things have gotten pretty dicey in small-town Ohio. The bad guys brought in things far too evil to be mentioned by name in a blog post, and a couple of the good guys have become lunch.

I got 1139 words, and hit the logical place to stop for the day, so I did. Still have a bunch of hours of work ahead of me working on the site update/upgrade.

But, MAN, do I love the words I got today.  66,734 total… and I’m already excited about what I’ll be writing tomorrow.

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We had our little pizza and birthday-pie (I’m not a cake fan) celebration last night, because Matt doesn’t have today off.

So today, while I AM going to be taking the day off from the novel, I’m working on fixing the website.

Doing a big overhaul, upgrading stuff to a new platform and new software, moving ALL the students and class owners…

This isn’t going to be done today. The actual work of it isn’t even going to be STARTED today. Today, my moderators and I are just figuring out the new software, and trying to find the easiest ways to bring everything over.


I’m kind of thrilled, actually. I love doing this stuff — and I keep seeing how much more smoothly everything is going to work, and how much more fun it’s going to be to use.

And I’m still keeping my promise to myself that I would not work on the novel on my birthday.

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Got 1307 words, and a few moments of unexpected grace

This book keeps surprising me.

I have my Scene Sentences. I am, in theory, writing to a carefully thought-out outline.

And that’s a very nice theory.

In fact, however, I keep figuring out how to do better stuff than what I planned in those Sentences… and today, playing Beat the Sentence, I had an extraordinary moment of grace when a couple of old movies beloved from my childhood found ways to affect my MC, the terrifying situation in which she finds herself, and managed to both choke me up and make me laugh at the same exact point.

And, boy, is she in a world of hurt.

1307 words, better than my 1250 planned.

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