Pushing for the Line World on Create A World Clinic #wabwm

I got a lot done on the WHY of the Dot World yesterday. I’m excited about the way this is coming together, and I think the fact that a writer can generate a complete Dot World for any genre or idea in about five minutes, and start writing the story immediately thereafter, will help writers get better stories with a lot less frustration.

I’d love to have it wrapped up today, so that Monday I can start on the Line world.

Goal for today, 1000 words.

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Pushing for the Line World on Create A World Clinic #wabwm — 6 Comments

  1. Hot diggity! Kudos on your progress!

    1455 words yesterday
    802 today so far

    Can I just say that revision is a pain in the patooty? Bleh.

    • Like a lot of the other concepts and techniques I teach, Dot Worlds are my own creation, built out of constantly dissecting the way I write in order to look for ways to do it better.

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