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I write full-time—both novels and writing courses—and have been published since 1991. I love what I do, and I’m delighted to make a living doing it—and to teach other writers how to do the same.

Find my novels and short fiction, or learn to write your own. You can do both here. Welcome!

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I’m currently re-theming the site. Its appearance may shift back and forth between the old theme and the new one as I work out various bugs. — Holly Lisle

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Thank you for voting on the Suzee Delight Cover Art

Tweet The comments, both positive and negative, were tremendously helpful. The raw test for COVER 3 won votes by a massive amount, but as I noted, that was NOT a finished cover. It was a rough draft. My overall changes have … Continue reading → […]


Tweet I’ve done three possible covers for SUZEE DELIGHT. Posting them below, and would very much appreciate a vote on the one you like best. COVER #1 COVER #2 COVER #3   […]

The Selling of Suzee Delight: The Captain’s Dinner

Tweet Turns out there has been treachery and evil aboard the Longview, with the spy revealed today. I’m happy with what I got—have written more than four thousand words since my last check-in.  I’m at 14,452 words out of a planned … Continue reading → […]

Past the Halfway Point on “The Selling Of Suzee Delight”

Tweet I wrote 2004 words, and have now completed more than 10,120 words of the story, so I’m past the halfway point. Today Kagen, after finding himself dumped from the Longview, located a strange temporary job in the City of Furies processing protests … Continue reading → […]

Snippet #2 from Longview 2: The Selling Of Suzee Delight

Tweet I was planning on posting a snippet yesterday, but REAL LIFETM intruded, and while I got all my words, I never made it back to the blog. I got all my words again today, so at the the moment, … Continue reading → […]

The Selling of Suzee Delight: The start, and a snippet

Tweet Along with other work today, I got the first 1480 words written on Tales From The Longview #2: The Selling of Suzee Delight. As with the first story in the series, I’ve started with the main character, who in … Continue reading → […]

How NOT to Be an EVIL MARKETER: Marketing help for fiction writers

Tweet The How NOT to Be an EVIL Marketer chat went well today, after the usual rocky start. This time the poll and the link to the free Boot Camp/Ugly Baby sign-up page that I’d set up in advance didn’t … Continue reading → […]

Replay of Manuscript Editing Chat With EJ Clarke

Tweet The HowToThinkSideways.com Writers’ Boot Camp has added a new membership benefit. We already had a fantastic benefit with discount and extra services for members in need of ebook and manuscript FORMATTING. We now have an Editing and Proofreading benefit/discount. … Continue reading → […]

From “The Selling of Suzee Delight”

Tweet Shower song… figured out the tune and a handful of the words while I was standing in the shower, and where it will fit in the story while I was doing my first five sets of squats. Adding it … Continue reading → […]

Things Change—How to buy your life back one piece at a time

Tweet For a few years now, friends and colleague have been suggesting that I might want to hire someone to manage my websites for me. I’ve always been hands on, I’ve always done my own sites, and the idea of … Continue reading → […]

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